Together we can bring about change

Empowering children and youth to escape poverty and injustice requires quality education and skill-building on a holistic basis.

Will you Help?

What you get in return?

SURABI promises to ensure that any donation to SURABI is used according to dedicated purpose. We not only ensure that your donation will be used for quality education, skill building and empowerment of the poor, the excluded, the socially disadvantaged and the marginalized but also it will bring hope and joy to our beneficiaries. Thus, you help SURABI to bring about a sustainable generational change.

Not only SURABI beneficiaries will benefit from your donation. Nothing will give you more sustainable joy and happiness than donating to our beneficiaries. Being able to change lives of children and youth will fulfill you with great satisfaction. Empowering them to enjoy what they might never achieve will bring more meaning to your life!

Many more positive effects of donating money to our cause will be rewarding you – also tax benefits (see Donate Now!)

We ensure you that SURABI will return a receipt to you to ask tax benefits, provided you send in requested data (see Donate Now!).

Moreover we will provide

  • Annual report: an annual update from SURABI
  • Project reports: regular review on the performance of the project you donated, including projects fotos
  • Newsletter: a quarterly email update of various initiatives of SURABI
  • Project visits, if you wish
  • Videos on projects
  • Naming of project if desired