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Empowering children and youth to escape poverty and injustice requires quality education and skill-building on a holistic basis.

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Why should you trust us?

We have more than 100 years of experience in India and are part of the worldwide Don Bosco network.

In 1906 the Salesians arrived in India, in Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, and opened the first registered Don Bosco Night School in 1908. From there, Salesian educational and skilling works in favor of the poor and the marginalized multiplied and expanded to all the 29 states of India.  Today the Salesian Province of Chennai operates in 50 establishments with many more institutes, which have skilled and qualified lakh’s of beneficiaries over time. Outside India the Salesians are operating worldwide in 134 countries.

Unique holistic educational and skilling approach

Our commitment to the holistic quality educational and skilling approach of Don Bosco is the foundation of all our activities. We not only educate, skill and qualify our students and beneficiaries for their professional lives; we are committed to the formation of personalities, respective to human values, responsible to their families and communities and capable of becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Highly acknowledged and ranked in India

The Salesian’s vocational education and skill-building program, better known as DB Tech, is tailored to respond to the needs of today’s enterprises and is highly acknowledged and ranked by Corporate. Graduates are in high demand in the job market. With some of these enterprises we are engaged in sustainable partnerships.

Passionate to bring about change

Most of our beneficiaries, though coming from poor, excluded, disadvantaged or marginalized families, not only  succeed in escaping from poverty and inequality, but many even achieve a high level of livelihood and welfare for them and their families.

Stories of success demonstrate how lives can change due to access to holistic quality education.  See here some examples.


 Justin A. R. , from Vellore city in Tamil Nadu, went to school till 10th grade (normally school goes till 12th grade). He is from a weaker financial background. He lost his parents at an early childhood. With the guidance of his sisters he joined in Don Bosco ITI at Anaiyam pet in Electronics Division and successfully completed his ITI Course in Electrician.

Then, he joined in Joe Tech, another institute for technology of Salesians in Basin Bridge Chennai, partnering with Zwick Roell Academy. He went for Technology and for the one year Zwick Material Testing Operator Course (Batch 2016-17). He was the youngest of all his classmates during the training period. At present he is employed with Devashish Polimer (p) Ltd. Kutachvath, N.M Nagar, a leading company and valuable customer of ZwickRoell Machines. He is sure of pursuing his higher studies and marching towards higher carriers.

He feels committed for the life that he had received by the assistance of Salesians.

Devika has proved how a loan amount can improve her economic life .

Devika lives in a joint family  with her husband, two daughters, mother in law and father in law. She is  member of Jamine group and has got 10 years of experience in the tailoring field. She had taken a loan amount of Rs.15000/-. She stitches 50 jackets per month. She earns a weekly income of Rs.250/- and a monthly income of Rs.1000/-. Her income has increased from Rs.1000/- to Rs.1200/- recently. She lives in her own house. This loan has helped her make additional income to support her family.

Saravanan is from an economically marginalized family. With lot of hardships he completed his high school. In 2014-15, joined in Don Bosco ITI Aniyampet at Caddalore and passed out as a first rank holder. 2015-17, he worked in an institute at Chennai. By the guidance of the company and his sheer interest he found a carrier in Dubai for a decent salary. He had given in marriage his younger sister. Treated his mother who was in need of a medical operation. Owned a land at his native place and waiting to be married. He has further plans for his future.

He proudly concludes that Don Bosco ITI Anayampettai at Cuddalore had been a channel of new life to him.

Saleem B. was born and brought up in a poorer family.  Lost his parents at an early age. He grew under the care of his grandmother and completed his high school. Due to unavoidable financial crisis to pursue higher studies, he joined in the Don Bosco ITI Aniyampet at Cuddalore in A/C Mechanic Division. He passed out as a matured and hard working student. With the guidance and Counsel of Rev.Br. Kuzhandhai Yesu Sdb, he found a job at Blue Star AC Cuddalore. The very next year he found an appointment at Saudi for a reasonable salary.

He feels grateful towards salesians and confident of gaining higher grades in carrier and guide many other students in their future.

Paul B. was in an economically weaker family with both the parents as daily wagers. He completed his higher secondary studies in a government school. Due to inability of proceeding further because of financial crisis, he joined in Cuddalore Anaiyam Pet ITI in AC division. He worked hard and studied well by the assistance of Salesians, his hard work and by the thought of his family’s poorer status. He scored first in the govt exam. Later, with the Assistance of the Salesians, he found a job at Diker Air Condition Pvt Ltd, at Chennai. He was sincere and goal oriented at his job to an extend that at present he is the Chief Mechanist of the institute. He is confident of further growth in carrier, higher studies and assisting many other youngsters.

He says Salesians are the main cause of his growth.

He feels committed for the life that he had received by the assistance of Salesians.

 Jennifer from Chennai Tamil Nadu, aged 30, has been encouraged and supported by the Don Bosco Salesians throughout her lifetime, especially when she suffered from discrimination and violence in her family. Determined to undertake all efforts to stand on her own feet, she succeeded to overcome the torture finally and improve the quality of her life.

At the age of 11 she got a sponsorship from the night study center of Don Bosco Kilpauk, Chennai and passed through successfully. Right after, having been married at the age of 17, she had a rough life facing domestic violence as wife and finally mother of a boy, aged 10 years today. Together with her son she finally escaped from her family.

But having no proper vocational skills, she failed to find a job. A friend referred her then to Don Bosco Vazhikaatti, who offered her to attend the Don Bosco course for carreer guidance. She was trained over months in retail and marketing, taking advantage of her communication skills. Having passed out well, she was successfully placed at Samsung as a sales executive and after in Don Bosco Bosco Net fundraising for direct dialog. Since this year she is working in the fundraising team of SURABI.

Today she is proud of being mother and a professional. She hopes to sustain wellbeing in her future for her family. Jennifer is grateful to the Don Bosco Salesians and convinced that they played a vital role in changing her life for the better.