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Empowering children and youth to escape poverty and injustice requires quality education and skill-building on a holistic basis.

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Your contributions are eligible for Income Tax benefit under section 80 G.

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Children in vulnerable situations

Supporting children living at risk helps to escape poverty, hunger, child labor, sexual abuse or exploitation, human trafficking, crime and violence, HIV affection and abandonce from parents.

Unorganized and unskilled youth

Supporting children at the risk to drop out from school and young school dropouts in rural and slum area through access to quality education and vocational training.

Economically & socially disadvantaged women & girls

Support girls and women to free themselves from gender inequality and discrimination, especially from deprivation of access to adequate quality education and skill – building.

Small scale and marginalized farmers

Aiding farmers in improving access to knowledge and skills on natural, effective and rewarding agriculture and in creating resilient agricultural models for their livelihood.

Marginalized Groups like Tribals, Thurumbars, Irulas and the Group of Dalits 

Supporting disadvantaged and marginalized communities to achieve access to quality education, vocational training and other basic rights.

 Please donate to our bank:


For donations outside India

Account  Name                                   :           SURABI

Account Number                                :           449002010008870

Name of the Bank                              :           Union Bank of India

Name of Branch                                 :           Egmore

Bank Address                                     :           Elconso Building, No. 9, Casa Major Road,Egmore,       Chennai – 600 008

Bank Code                                          :           026

Branch Code                                       :           544 906

SWIFT Code                                        :           UBININBBOMD

MICR Code                                          :           6000 20613

BSR Code                                            :           0291490

IFSC/NEFT Code No.                       :           UBIN0544906


For donations within India

 Account  Name                                   :           SURABI LOCAL

Account Number                                :           449002010008955

Name of the Bank                              :           Union Bank of India

Name of Branch                                  :           Egmore

Bank Address                                       :           Elconso Building, No. 9, Casa Major Road,Egmore,

Chennai – 600 008

IFSC/NEFT Code No.                          :           UBIN0544906

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Additional Note

I give my consent for authorized representatives of SURABI to contact me occasionally by mobile and email for informing on the latest developments and updated offerings.

Tax information

Contributions to SURABI are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax exemption is valid only in India.