Children Projects

Evening Study Centre Projects

The Evening Study Centre is an initiative to keep these economically poor students engrossed at least for an hour to provide a conducive environment for study. SURABI identified children who belong to impoverished families are at high risk of dropping out of school due to parents’ inability to keep up with children. In tribal areas, most parents are illiterate and cannot help their children with their homework. To overcome these problems SURABI introduced a comprehensive Supplementary Education which facilitates holistic development for the children through numerous impactful projects such as BEST (Building Effective Solutions Together), DREAM (Dedicating Resources to Educating and Mentoring), SMILE (Stimulating Motivating Imaginative Learning Environment) focus on 3 approaches – Education, Environment and Empowerment. As of now, we have been running 135 Evening study centers that provide quality education to 4800 students.

Scholarship Programs

Through scholarship programs, we help the students to complete their education. We carry out these programs by partnering with our local communities mostly in the rural and urban slums. Our initial screening of students is based on their academic performance, family economic background and extra-curricular achievements. Many of our students received scholarship from kinder garden till the completion of high school. We are reaching to the most deserving students of the locality. Every year 220 children are benefitted through this scholarship program.

Construction Projects

Construction of school building that caters to underprivileged section of the society. This project focus on long term societal development through school education. We have built two high schools with 5 class rooms, we have an ongoing high school construction at Veeralur, Dormitories at technical institutes students from remote villages, School water systems and toilet blocks. 

My Body My Right

Addressing the gaps and challenges of menstrual hygiene and management. Initiatives taken to educate both girls and boys about the fundamental knowledge of health care and teach them to use hygiene products during menstruation and pregnancy. We create awareness among the students on Menstrual Hygiene management, equip them with the knowledge of menstrual products and disposing methods. We have almost installed Eco-friendly incinerators in 60 schools, Day care homes, Colleges, Hostels and Orphanages.