Projects for Vulnerable communities

Thurumbar Housing

The Thurumbar often serve the Dalit as launderers and cleaners, they have been dubbed “the Dalit of the Dalit”. They are the most oppressed and discriminated group in the caste system. They live in thatched huts, far away from the upper castes enclaves and on the edges of the Dalit villages. The Thurumbar Ministry was taken up by the Salesian Province of Chennai. To combat the social evils, Thurumbar Liberation Movement was formed. Developmental works such as Educational Scholarships, Rehabilitation of affected families, summer camps for children. Through this intervention, five deserving families were identified and benefitted.

Pope Johns Garden

The project called “Road of Hope” has delivered a ray of hope and life to Children with HIV through Family-Based care and Residential care for parentless children. The Pope John’s Garden committed and devoted to work for children living with HIV/ AIDS predominantly for homeless Children through a Residential Program and Home-Based Program. It is reaching out to 8 districts namely Ranipet, Vellore, Thirupattur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Kallakurichi, Villupuram, and Cuddalore. In addition, we have been intervening in Chittoor District, the Neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. The Residential home care accommodate around 70 Children with HIV in the Institute. We have 46 boys and 24 girls, who were provided with quality health care, educational support, and nutritional support at Pope John’s garden. The centre also provide medical support and home based care for 65 leprosy patients.